SCADfit Rules + Policies

  • Only current SCAD students, faculty and staff are permitted to use SCAD fitness facilities. No alumni, visitors or guests are permitted.
  • SCAD students, faculty or staff are not permitted to utilize SCAD fitness facilities before or after the posted hours of operation.
  • You must scan your SCAD Card each time you enter a fitness facility. If you do not have your SCAD Card, you cannot enter the facility. If your SCAD Card reads invalid for any reason, you cannot enter the facility.
  • For access to SCADfit Savannah facilities, including beeFUEL, first create and verify your SCADfit account using your SCAD email address, and sign the fitness waiver.
  • Registration for SCADfit classes opens 24 hours before the scheduled class time.
  • You must be physically present and ready to start no later than five minutes before class begins. If you do not check in by this time, you will lose your spot and be moved to the end of the waitlist.
  • Members who participate in programs and use SCAD fitness facilities do so at their own risk. The university is not responsible for any injury that may occur to individuals participating in any exercise activity. Participation in exercise activity is on a voluntary basis. (Medical clearance before participation is highly recommended.)
  • Proper athletic attire, including a shirt and shoes, must be worn at all times. Jeans, jean shorts, khakis and excessively loose-fitting clothing are not allowed. Apparel with zippers, chains, rivets or buckles is not permitted. SCAD fitness and recreation staff reserves the right to determine what is classified as appropriate attire.
  • Absolutely no sandals, open-toe or open-back shoes are permitted.
  • T-shirt or tank tops must be worn at all times. No cut-off or belly shirts are permitted. Shirts exposing excessive skin are not allowed.
  • Proper hygiene is required. Wear clean clothes while working out.
  • Food is not permitted in SCAD fitness facilities.
  • Smoking, tobacco products, alcohol and drugs are not permitted.
  • Water, Gatorade or sports drinks are permitted provided they are in a sealable, plastic container.
  • Personal effects, including bags and other items, are to be stored in lockers and are not allowed within workout areas. SCAD fitness and recreation is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
  • Students, faculty and staff are required to behave according to the rules and policies defined in their respective student, faculty and staff handbooks. SCAD fitness and recreation staff reserves the right to refuse service to any member who violates any rule or policy, or engages in any verbal and/or physical abuse of staff or members.
  • Formal problems, questions or concerns regarding SCAD fitness facilities should be submitted via email to (SCADfit Savannah), (ClubSCAD) or (SCADfit Atlanta). Please clearly describe the issue being addressed and be sure to include your name and phone number. All emails will be carefully reviewed.

  • SCAD Fitness Facility Etiquette
  • Members are required to wipe down cardio and weight room equipment after each use. Disinfecting wipes and sprays are provided.
  • During peak hours, or when a member is waiting for a machine, the 30-minute time limit on each piece of cardio equipment must be observed.
  • For the safety and courtesy of all members, cellphone use is not permitted while utilizing any cardio equipment or while in the weight room area.
  • Please bring headphones if your own music is preferred while working out.
  • Other members must be allowed to "work in" between sets.
  • Weights or any fitness equipment may not be removed from the fitness facility.
  • Return all weights to the tree or weight rack. Weights may not be set against any wall, benches or equipment. Weights or dumbbells may not be dropped on the floor or benches.
  • Report any unsafe restroom or locker room conditions immediately to SCAD fitness and recreation staff.
  • Report damaged equipment immediately to the fitness facility front desk.
  • Report injuries to on-site staff immediately.
  • Lockers are only available for use while working out. Locks are not supplied by the fitness facility and are to be removed upon leaving.
  • Locks that are left on lockers will be removed and property left inside will be removed.
  • Please remove all personal items from showers after use. Items left behind will be removed and disposed of by the fitness facility staff.
  • The SCAD fitness and recreation staff is ultimately responsible for enforcing all rules, policies and procedures. If, at any time, a member does not comply with the established rules, policies or procedures, the member will be asked to leave, and his or her fitness facility privileges may be revoked. The staff on duty has the right to enlist the help of the SCAD Department of University Safety at any time.

  • SCAD Fitness Facility Towel Service
  • SCADfit Savannah and ClubSCAD provide one hand towel per member, per visit; SCADfit Atlanta does not offer a towel service. Towels are provided to ensure both personal hygiene and the hygiene of others.
  • Members are also required to use available cleaning cloths or disinfecting wipes to sanitize each piece of equipment immediately after using it.


    201 W. Boundary St.
    Savannah, GA 31401




    Monday-Thursday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

    Friday: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Sunday: Noon to 5 p.m.



    Keep track of your fitness schedule with these apps that work with the SCADfit scheduler.


    SCADfit: Android | iPhone

    ICG Training: Android | iPhone

    LFconnect: Android | iPhone

    SPIVI: Android | iPhone



    Registration for SCADfit classes opens 24 hours before the class begins.